Top 10 wedding venues in France for 2024

Choosing a wedding venue in France involves many considerations. Will the venue accommodate all your guests? Or at least a significant portion of them? Is it conveniently accessible from airports and train stations? These are the questions likely racing through your mind.

But fear not! This article is your ultimate guide, presenting exquisite French wedding venues along with essential practical information from a local vendor’s point of view. Say goodbye to the stress of searching endlessly!

Wedding venues in Paris and around

Château Barthelemy

image by Joanne Rabenarisoa Photography

Located just an hour away from Paris, the Château Barthelemy stands as a tangible portal to the past. This historical gem, dating back to the 18th century, has been home to various prominent figures during pivotal moments in history, including the French Revolution, the First Empire, and both World Wars. Today, it stands as one of the most romantic wedding venue in France, and tranquil sanctuary, surrounded by a splendid park featuring a serene pond and a refreshing swimming pool. Alexis, the manager, is at your service to ensure your stay is nothing short of exceptional.

Personal note: The Orangerie is my favorite place in this venue. The main room is exquisitely decorated –love the nod to the Provence with the orange trees and its big blue door. This makes an ideal setting for capturing bridal preps, thanks to its vast glass wall that bathes the space in the most enchanting natural light.

Getting there: Located in the very end of the Region of Paris (Ile de France) you will need a car to reach the venue. Here are some ideas:

  • 1h from central Paris
  • 40min from ORY Paris airport
  • 1h30 from CDG Paris airport

Accomodations: Sleep up to 88 in three different locations: the chateau, the park cottage and the farm cottage.

Facilities: swimming pool and wooded park

Capacity: The vast park offers plenty of locations for an outdoor ceremony. The most famous one is the glade which has also a charming pavilion that can be used as an altar. For party, the glasshouse called “Pavillon de la Marquise” can fit in a maximum of 250 guests.

Catering: No, recommendations available.

Price: Starting at 7,000€

Find more information and pricing guides directly on the Château Barthelemy’s website.

Château Bouffémont

image by Joanne Rabenarisoa Photography

It’s almost unbelievable that a fairytale castle like this exists less than an hour away from Paris. As you descend its enchanting staircases, you are transported to a world where you might be stepping into a grand ball. Undoubtedly, Chateau Bouffémont stands as one of the most exquisite wedding venues in France.

Getting there: Located at 30 minutes from CDG Paris airport and 1h from central Paris by car.

Accommodation: Exclusive stay for a minimum of 3 nights with up to 27 guests

Facilities: wooded park and a helipad

Capacity: Up to 150 guests for a seated dinner

Catering: No, recommendations available

Price: Starting from 8,000€ (mid-season) and 11,000€ (high season)

Find more information and pricing guides directly on the Château Bouffémont’s website

Shangri La Paris

image via Prochaine Escale

Listed as both palace hotel and French historical monument, the Shangri La is a perfect blend of a modern hospitality facility and an enchanting luxury wedding venue in the capital city of France. The hotel was built in a 19th century residence that previously belonged to Prince Roland Bonaparte, the grandnephew of Napoleon Bonaparte. Located at the heart of Paris, the hotel enjoys a prestigious location and is conveniently situated at a walking distance from major attractions like the Trocadéro Gardens, the Eiffel Tower, museums like Palais de Tokyo and Yves Saint Laurent museum.

Personal favorite: Among all the luxurious rooms that counts the Shangri La Paris, one of the standout features of the Shangri-La Paris is its stunning terrace with an impressive view on the Eiffel Tower that be privatized for your wedding ceremony.

Getting there: Easily reachable by public transportation, the hotel also provides private airport pick-up. (Metro 9: Iéna)

Accommodation: 100 rooms and suites

Facilities: 2 bars, 2 restaurants, a spa, a swimming pool and a fitness room

Capacity: from 70 to 200 guests (4 ball rooms + the Eiffel terrace)

Catering: Yes, 20 guests minimum.

Price: Quotation available on demand

Find more information and pricing guides directly on the Shangri La Paris website

Wedding venues in Southwest France (Bordeaux, Dordogne and Occitania)

Château La Durantie

image by Joanne Rabenarisoa Photography

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Dordogne, in the southwestern France, the Château La Durantie stands as an exquisite testimony of the 19th-century architecture, meticulously preserved to become a stunning wedding venue. What captivates me most about this splendid estate is its expansive and enchanting garden, providing a diversity of options for outdoor wedding ceremony locations. Furthermore, the presence of a swimming pool and a well-appointed tennis court will keep your guests entertained during their stay at the chateau.

Getting there: The château is located at the heart of the Dordogne region and at the crossroads of important French towns that are Bordeaux, Toulouse and Limoges. Having a car is required to reach the chateau.

Here’s the driving time from different stations:

  • Limoges airport: 50 min
  • Brives airport: 50 min
  • Bergerac airport: 1h30
  • Bordeaux airport: 2h
  • Toulouse airport: 3h
  • Limoges train station: 1h

Accommodation: Rooms in the chateau, the coach house and the cottage. Sleep up to 44 people

Facilities: a beautiful vast garden, a swimming pool and a tennis court

Capacity: Draped marquee hosts the party night, 18*9 meters, with a wooden floor for up to 150 guests

Catering: No, recommendations available.

Price: Starting from 15,000€

Find more information and pricing guides directly on the Chateau La Durantie website.

Château de La Valouze

image by Joanne Rabenarisoa Photography

Among my selection, Château La Valouze stands as the most recent French wedding venue since it has “only” been built in the mid-20th century, under the ownership of Earl Gustave Arlot de Saint-Saud. Although limited historical information is available about this exquisite château, you will be pleased to know that one of its former owners played a significant role in popularizing the Impressionist movement on a global scale. Each room in the château has been meticulously and uniquely designed, striking a harmonious balance between history and modernity, showcasing impeccable taste in every detail.

Personal favorite: The bridal suite’s private balcony provides the perfect spot for the bride and her bridesmaids to relax, and enjoy some quality moments together before the wedding ceremony.

Getting there: Located at the frontier between the Gironde and Dordogne region, surrounded by the beautiful forests of the Périgord Vert, the Chateau la Valouze is only reachable by car. Car rentals are easily accessible in the hub points.

Here’s the driving time from different places:

  • Bordeaux train station: 1h
  • Bordeaux airport: 1h
  • Bergerac airport: 50 min

Accommodation: Rooms in the château and surrounding buildings. Sleep up to 61 people.

Facilities: 34 hectares of park, 3 lakes, a swimming pool and a bamboo forest

Capacity: The spacious old stable (converted into a ballroom) can accommodate up to 150 seated guests (perfect in case of rain). However, having an outdoor dinner is also possible on the terrace under the string lights.

Catering: No, recommendations available.

Price: Starting from 12,000€

Find more information and pricing guides directly on the Chateau La Valouze website.

Château de Fajac La Relenque

image by Joanne Rabenarisoa Photography

Originally, the chateau was a 16th-century building perched atop a hill, in a state of considerable disrepair. It was in the late 1980s that the current owners’ mother acquired it and embarked on a journey of restoration. Today, the inviting charm of its weathered brick walls has won the hearts of countless couples who have chosen this distinctive yet enchanting wedding venue to exchange your vows. The moment you step inside, a warm, a true family home atmosphere envelops you, as you are greeted by the true master of the place: the cat.

Getting there: The château is located at 45min from Toulouse airport and train station. You will need a car to get there.

Accommodation: Rooms and suite in the chateau, the loft and the dormitory. Sleep up to 32 people

Facilities: parkland on a hill and stretch tent

Capacity: Up to 100 guests

Catering: No, the venue has great partners (tried and tested).

Price: Starting from 3,000€

Find more information and pricing guides directly on the Chateau de Fajac website.

Château Couffins

image via Château Couffins

The Château Couffins, a splendid 19th-century French chateau built in the characteristic white stone blocks of Bordeaux architecture, stands as a picturesque testimony of its era. Constructed in 1874, it once held a prestigious status as a renowned wine estate, though its reputation declined during the 1920s. Today, under family ownership, it has undergone extensive renovation and transformed into a thriving cattle and cereal farm, and, most importantly, a remarkable wedding venue. Situated just at the outskirts of Bordeaux, it continues to enjoy the tranquility offered by its vast park and the serene surroundings of open fields.

Getting there: The château is located at the gates of the city of Bordeaux, and is as close as it gets:

  • 35 minutes from Bordeaux train station
  • 30 minutes from Bordeaux-Mérignac airport

Accommodation: Sleeps up to 20 people

Facilities: a vast park and a swimming pool

Capacity: Up to 120 guests

Catering: No, recommendations available

Price: Starting from 5,700€

Find more information and pricing guides directly on the Chateau Couffins website.

Wedding venues in South of France – Provence

Château Robernier

image by Joanne Rabenarisoa Photography

This French wedding venue is certainly one of the oldest châteaux in my collection. The Château Robernier, dating back to the 16th century, remained in the same family’s possession for over five centuries. The estate benefits from the most enchanting parkland I have ever witnessed, providing an ideal setting for an outdoor wedding ceremony with a breathtaking backdrop. As you pass through the gate, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the château’s vineyards and the venerable centuries-old olive tree. Notably, the chateau produces its own wine and olive oil, making for a delightful gift option for your wedding guests.

Getting there: Located in the middle of the Provence country side, a car is highly required to get there. Nearest airport is Marseille at 1h from the château.

Accommodation: 17 beds

Facilities: a vast parkland and a swimming pool.

Capacity: Up to 200 guests

Catering: No, recommendations available

Price: Quotation available on demand

Find more information and contacts directly on the Château Robernier website.

Château de Tourreau

image via Booking - Château de Tourreau

With its romantic French gardens, exquisite white stone architecture, and charming sage green shutters, this 17th-century property sets the stage for the perfect Provence wedding. Beyond its sheer beauty, the Château de Tourreau is a venue that offers exceptional flexibility, providing multiple options to celebrate your wedding day in the picturesque South of France.

Getting there: Situated in the serene Provence countryside, access to the chateau necessitates the use of a car. Nevertheless, it is conveniently close to the city of Avignon, with two train stations just 30-minute drive away from the property.

Accommodation: Sleeps up to 15 people

Facilities: vast parkland, French gardens, swimming pool, tennis court, backet ball court, volleyball field and a fitness room

Capacity: Up to 150 people

Catering: No, recommendations available

Price: Starting from 25,000€

Find more information and contacts directly on the Château de Tourreau website.

Airelles Gordes, La Bastide

image via Booking - Bastide de Gordes

Lastly La Bastide de Gordes, nestled in the heart of the Luberon within the captivating village of Gordes, recognized as one of France’s most picturesque villages, stands this former seignorial residence perched majestically on the cliff. La Bastide has graced this landscape since the 16th century, offering the guarantee for a truly amazing wedding scenery in South of France. The renowned terrace with its breathtaking view, where you’ll also discover the inviting pool, is the highly recommended setting for both your wedding ceremony and dinner event.

Getting there: Here are the driving times from the main access points:

  • Marseille airport: 1 hour
  • Marseille-St Charles train station: 1h15
  • Avignon central train station: 45 minutes

Accommodation: 40 rooms and suites, up to 90 people

Facilities: a spa, 5 restaurants, 2 swimming pools, fitness room and a boules court

Capacity: Up to 120 guests

Catering: Yes, to be chosen among the hotel’s restaurants.

Price: Quotation available on demand

Find more information and contacts directly on the Airelles Gordes’ website.

Last words

To conclude, I’d say that France does really offers a rich diversity of captivating backdrops for your destination wedding day, from the charming châteaux of the countryside to the romantic landscapes of Provence. Whether you dream of saying “I do” in a centuries-old estate or amid the picturesque gardens, this country provides a tapestry of options to make your wedding in France a truly unforgettable experience. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and breathtaking natural beauty, France promises to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. So, embark on this enchanting adventure, and let the French magic weave its charm into the tapestry of your love story. As a local -check out my details page, I promise I’ll help you make the most of your photography time in the beautiful French venue you’d have chosen.

For more France destination wedding related advice, check my other articles in the blog.

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